BUTin the forty years I’ve been passionate about pizza the one thing I’ve learned is that the perfect pizza is not just a recipe, it’s an ever-evolving quest for perfection expressed in the form of a “craft” and it’s through that craft we express our single most important objective at Pitfire and that is to inspire with a simple food.

Our pizza style is not quite Neapolitan, not quite New York, but somewhere perfectly in between.

Our 72 hour artisan doughmaking process takes place daily in small batches. Our slow-rise fermentation technique not only produce wonderful aroma, texture and mouth feel but, most importantly, allows the yeast to work its magic breaking down the starches within the flour into complex enzymes and sugars making our pizza highly digestible. Unlike most of the pizza in Dubai you’ll never be left feeling sick, heavy or tired after eating a Pitfire pizza.

All this comes together in our New York style deck ovens where we bake our pizzas to a charred bubbly perfection. Our thin crust pizza is crunchy yet softly airy with just the right amount of chew, great mouthfeel and wonderful fermented aroma.

We go to great lengths to ensure that when you choose Pitfire your experience is that of incredible familiar and new flavors, freshness, value and food crafted to inspire.

We top our pizzas with crushed premium Italian tomatoes and our fresh mozzarella is locally made right here in Dubai by Italian artisan cheese makers and delivered to us daily.

Our sweet Italian fennel sausage along with all of our deserts, dressings and most all of our pizza toppings are house-made daily.

Our funked-up signature pizza line-up is years in the making offering up a broad range of unique pizzas that are aromatic, balanced and busting with flavor.